During this stay we offer a cultural orientation of the country. Because it was far from the Spanish province of the Captaincy of Guatemala, Costa Rica has a more discreet colonial history than other Latin American nations. This is no doubt the reason why tourism development has been oriented towards nature observation. Yet the small Central American country has remarkable pre-Columbian, colonial and modern sites. In particular sculpted and perfectly round spheres from a mysterious civilization: The ‘Diquis’.





  • Understanding as much of the country's history as possible
  • Visiting unique archaeological sites
  • An interesting, balanced mix of culture and nature
  • Wonderful back country to discover


It is a pleasure for me to present the culture and history of Costa Rica to travelers passing through. Beyond the beauty of its exuberant nature, the country has an incredible wealth of cultural heritage, especially the pre-Columbian ‘Diquis’ culture and its unique stone spheres!



San José Airport


San José Airport

After a visit to the Central Market of San José, explore the colonial sites of the central valley, the ruins in Ujarras and the colonial church of Orosi. Immerse yourself in history on the cobblestones of the Guayabo National Monument, an Amerindian archaeological site that has been a place of pilgrimage in Central America for more than 2,400 years. Finally go to Boruca to meet the descendants of the inhabitants of the region and who live a contemporary indigenous lifestyle. Travel to the historical mystery in Diquis and see, first hand, the enigmatic sites of the stone spheres.  Then, in Golfito, immerse yourself in the banana past of this city built over a century ago by the United Fruit Company and whose architecture has been preserved. Enjoy the magic of the Golfo Dulce and then, the beaches of Manuel Antonio, observing the flights of scarlet macaws and nature impassive to the changes of history. And finally, discover the gold and jade pieces shaped by the pre-Columbian peoples by browsing the San Jose´s museums.

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Day 1:San José, the capital: 

We begin with a visit to the Central Market, a concentration of national culture with an unbelievable variety of fruits, vegetables and local crafts!  (overnight in San Jose)

Day 2: Cartago: Costa Rica’s original capital

Today we begin with a trip to the caldera of Irazu Volcano. In the city of Cartago, we visit the pigrimage site, the Basilica of Our Lady of Los Angeles, where people come to pray by its famous statue.  Lunch in Cartago and a visit to the  visits to the 16th century Ruins of Ujarras, and then to Orosi where we visit the oldest church in the country. (Overnight in Orosi)

Day 3: Guayabo Monument (1.5h) 

We trek throuth the middle of the forest to visit one of the least known sites of the Amerindian past of Central America. Only about a third of the royal city, with its causeway and aqueduct of Guayabo Monument area has been excavated. Peering through the vegetation, we can take advantage of a viewpoint to appreciate the scale of this site. Lunch in a local restaurant then a visit to the Cachi Dam to enjoy the panorama and its tranquility. (Overnight in Orosi)

Day 4: Departure for Boruca (4h)

A cultural and historical tour isn’t complete without passing along the Pan-American Highway. This road opened up colonization to the southern Costa Rica. Called the Cerro de La Muerte (summit of death) by travelers, many have not survived the extreme weather conditions and wild animals. Stop at the village of Siberia to visit a local farmer’s farm specializing in shiitake mushrooms. Immerse yourself in the rural atmosphere. as we continue to the Boruca Indigenous Territory. (Overnight in Boruca)

Day 5: The Boruca

Experience a full day in the vicinity of the Boruca people. Renowned for their sculpted and painted masks, the Boruca are people integrated into Costa Rican society but they haven’t forgotten the fight waged against Spanish invaders. Every year in January, the Boruca relive the battles of the past through a fascinating spectacle. Boruca is also the name of their small village in the wooded surroundings. We visit a waterfall, a small museum and also the workshops where they make ceremonial masks. Discover their gastronomy, their culture and their daily life by participating in the rhythm of these inhabitants for a day. (Overnight in Boruca)

Day 6: Diquis and Golfito 

Near the town of Palmar Sur we discover Finca 6, the archaeological site of the Diquis. Here burial mounds and stone spheres, which are unique in the world, have been buried by nature. Little by little, research is learning more about this Amerindian people who gave birth to one of the most mysterious civilizations of the continent. After, we head to the city park, the former botanical garden of the United Fruit Company. Here, surrounded by magnificent trees, we are astonished at the area’s history: a banana republic locomotive and the best preserved stone spheres set in a historical garden. We then visit Golfito, the ‘Banana’ city and its unique architecture remenicent of the fruit company’s ‘colonization’ of the area, very much a state within the state of Costa Rica and the developmental origin of a large part of the Costa Rican territory (Overnight in Golfito)

Day 7: Golfo Dulce

Today we take a leisurely sail out in the gulf to observe marine fauna. We often spot dolphins, turtles and many varieties of sea birds. (Overnight in Golfito)

Day 8: Manuel Antonio (4h)

We trek up the coast, taking in spectacular vistas and palm plantations along the road nestled between the mountains and the sea. In the afternoon enjoy the magnificent beaches of the Pacific. (Overnight in Manuel Antonio)

Day 9: Manuel AntonioNational Park

The Manuel Antonio area includes the town of Quepos, the public beaches of Manuel Antonio, and the National Park with its trails and protected beaches. The beaches are spacious enough for everyone to find their space in the shade of a coconut tree. Beyond the scenic beauty of the place, Manuel Antonio’s appeal comes from its abundant wildlife. The density and diversity of species in one square kilometer of the national park are among the highest in the world and justify a visit to one of the pearls of the Pacific coast. We visit the park during the day, enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants in the region and then, a chocolate tour for dessert!

Day 10: Return to San Jose (4h)

On the way back to the capital, enjoy a relaxing ¨cruise¨ on the Tárcoles River. An essential stop for the ornithologist, the Tárcoles River has an ecosystem favorable to numerous colonies of bird species. You will discover the mangroves, the banks and the river’s estuary. As well, it’s impossible to miss the crocodiles which abound in the waters of the river. Following this relaxed excursion, we climb the mountain pass to San Jose. (Overnight in San Jose)

Day 11: The Jade Museum

This is surely one of the most beautiful museums in the country. It houses Costa Rica’s world famous collection of historical jade artifacts, as well as magnificent works of art made by the pre-Columbian civilizations of Costa Rica.

From here, we say our good-byes as you return to the airport or continue on another discovery adventure of Costa Rica.


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